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  • International Youth Camp, Youth Exchange Program
  • International Youth Camp December-Winter
  • Meditation is a state of deep peace.

Are you ready to be at World's Rooftop?

Youth Legend’s International Youth Camp is designed for young people around the world aged 16 to 35 years. The series of International Youth Camp has been organized since October, 2015. And now, as a trademark event of youth legend, it is organized every August and December as International youth Summer Camp and winter camp. More than 300 young people have already participated in International Youth Camp till date.

Program and Travel Highlights
– Cultural Exchange, Food Exchange, Diversity Celebration, cross cultural friendship, Talent/Skill show
– Workshops on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals
– Team Building, Group works, Story sharing, Self Exploration and Awareness Session, Dance Movement Therapy, Alternate to Violence Program
– Yoga and Meditation
– Travel to various cities, world heritage sites visit, jungle safari, hiking, boating, street food trek, cultural show, interaction with locals

Expected Participants: Youth Leaders, Students, Entrepreneurs, Activist and Young people all over the world

Get ready for local authentic experience with local youths of Nepal. It's a beautiful journey to discover yourself with coolest and amazing people around the world. Nepal – heaven in earth – perfect place for you to explore yourself and have a rewarding lifetime experience with our camp.

Summer Camp every August & Winter Camp every December

Safety, Fun, Adventure, Connection, Happiness, Hospitality, Great Food and Great Experience

Travel Nepal

During the camp, you will explore various parts of Nepal. You will see Himalayas, you will do boating in a beautiful lake and swim in a resort with majestic view of mountains. You will eat "BEST FOOD" because you will be exploring Nepal with youth of Nepal who knows best street food places which you might not find in regular travel. And, beautiful cultural and natural world heritage site tour with amazing people around the world will be an icing on cake

Self Awareness and Self exploration

When you bring more consciousness and awareness to life, your life will magically change. You will be in the journey of self exploration, finding your purpose, strength, ways of transforming weakness to strength through various practical methods, techniques and tool like Dance Movement Therapy, Alternate to Violence.

Inner Peace

“If you are not peaceful, there is nothing worthwhile you can do in your life. To be peaceful means, your system is at ease. You know how to conduct your mind, emotions, body and energy. It is basic thing. You are not messing your mind.”- Sadh Guru We will do yoga and meditation everyday which will help our mind to experience peace in the tranquil environment.

Fun + Love + Connection + Community

We will help you to fall in love with your life truly, madly, deeply. Fun, Happiness, Joy is integral part of our camp. Let's make it happen now. Come on, Join us.

Also, you will be a part of our global network of people and will be part of our global groups of participants who have attended our camps so far and who will be attending in future. We will be the great tribe of people who will support, mentor each other in the long run.

Watch Glimpses of Our Earlier Camps

What earlier participants say about us?

  • I explored myself. Organizers are supportive. I love this camp and I will come again. Love you!

    Saptadipa Nilanzana, Bangladesh
  • It was a really interesting experience. I really gained insight into myself. Joining the Youth Legend Summer Camp, I had no idea what to expect and by the end, I knew it was one of the best decisions I have made.

    I met many energetic and passionate young people whom I connected with deeply. I gained a better understanding of Nepali culture and a better understanding of myself as a person. I never wanted the camp to end! DMT really gave me some reflective time that I needed because I don’t always give myself that space to think about all the important questions in life.

    Margaret Marie Desmond, USA
  • This camp is really impressive and awesome!! Can’t even describe with words! Totally Amazing!! 🙂

    Got a chance to meet with fantastic ppl!

    For the ones who’re looking for opportunities, I would recommend you guys do have a try on this!!

    Yadanar Soe, Myanmar
  • What I love the most about this camp?

    1. The  People: it’s a privilege from me meeting these beautiful and sweet and loving people. They are the reason why this camp is really memorable.

    2. The Place: Nepal is really a stunning place to travel in. The culture in this place is rich. The mountain views are really amazing.

    3. The Experience: A unique and memorable activities. I’ve experienced here will be forever treasured because this actually enriches my personality and perspective in life.

    Thank You so much youth Legend!

    My Nepal experience is really memorable. <3

    Ruby Anne T. Sapitan, Philippines
  • Nowadays, It’s really tough to trust the programs advertised and propagated online. Moreover, when it comes to foreign camps, it becomes tougher.

    I came to know about this camp via online. There were really good details provided about this camp. I wasn’t expecting this camp to be as per the description. Well, it happened exactly the same. The camp wasn’t as per my expectation rather it was beyond.

    The organizers were not just hospitable but also too friendly. Whenever we wanted anything they provided that when we went outside for shopping they even made a bargain with the shopkeepers. They made us visit the places which were one of the most famous and safe. Even sometimes we were late as per schedule yet they managed all the events so that they can go smoothly.

    I personally was worried about the luggage which we were leaving behind in the hotels/ restaurants for traveling and hiking. But everything was safe and in place. I must praise the organizers because they arranged things in such a way that we don’t get bored with the games that we played while traveling.

    They were aware of the global situation that is why they arranged seminars on SDGs and Youth Leadership. In the conclusion, I’d like to suggest that if anyone is interested to attend a camp or events like this in the foreign country then he/she should choose the events under Youth Legend. You will not regret rather you’ll write a review like this too.

    Abdullah Al Tashrif, Bangladesh
  • A much-needed therapy. <3

    I loved this camp. Everything was wonderful.

    Mahima Akter, Bangladesh
  • This is the best 3 days of my life. These learning, dancing, meditation I will hold in my heart for the lifetime.

    International youth camp is a place to find the lost you. Amazing people, place, food can make anyone’s days better.  I am leaving Nepal with lots of good cherished memories. I feel glad to meet people who have the heart of gold.

    Shathy Jomoddar, Bangladesh
    1. Organized
    2. Incredible
    3. Good motivational speaker
    4. Inspired and motivated
    5. Friendly and helpful
    6. Warm and felt secure
    7. Everything is nice 😉
    Nuon Novel, Cambodia
  • I like Travel part most, of course, as I’m a traveler.
    However, I appreciate the chance to get to know the Nepali youth during a cultural exchange and Dance Movement Therapy.

    I learned more about Nepal’s culture and how young people from another country thinking and doing.
    I feel lucky to get a chance to join this camp and I learned many new things.
    I give my thanks and appreciations to Sudha and Mohan for all things you guys did for me also others members.

    I hope you guys can have more camps with more exciting activities in future and be successful in transferring your knowledge and your fire to young Nepali as well as young people from others countries.

    Danny Do, Vietnam
  • The dance movement therapy was memorable. The time we danced with newspapers with closed eyes was a defining moment during the camp.

    The camp was such an eye-opening experience that helped me learn a lot about Nepal.
    It was an amazing experience and I would definitely like to return to Nepal to join the hike to Everest Base Camp.

    Stephanie Alsay, Philippines

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